Sarcastic Font

Facebook is of the devil.

Yes, I just typed that.

Yes, I have one.

I could offer excuses as to why I have one, etc. BUT, I won’t.

I have one for the same reason you do and I make myself believe that I cannot live without it because I will lose contact with the people that I never had contact with before Facebook and the people that I still do not have contact with now (even though we’re Facebook friends)—only now, we know each others business.

I love reading about how many times my friends go to the gym each week, what they eat for dinner, how perfect their marriage and children are, their accomplishments, their success, their problem free life. I love reading what others want the rest of the world to perceive their lives as being—whether it’s the truth or not.

And as a military wife, this is my favorite: “cuts, cuts, and more cuts….military to lose all of their benefits”.

I love reading their political rants, their beliefs, their “take a stand” messages–just because they are the “take a stand to take a stand” type people, not because they really believe in what they represent, they are just lost and looking. I love reading how they make everything gluten free/vegan approved/dairy free for their children (and if you were half the mom they were—you’d be doing the same). I love before and after body shots selling me the latest fad diet/exercise program. I love all the solicitation for money and pampered chef and origami owl.

I love the fact that just about every time I look on Facebook, a little bit of inadequacy creeps into my mind.

A little bit of jealousy creeps in.

A little bit of fear.

A little bit of anxiety.

How many of you have searched for an ex?

I’m willing to bet, the majority have.

Reconnected with a lost love? Despite the fact that you’re married.

Gossiped about what she did last night.

Oh my God, girl! Did you see that picture? Look her up, she’s on my Facebook.

Faked a “congratulations”, “looks like things are going well”, “let’s get together soon”, “I will be praying”.


Facebook is the devil’s playground—make no mistake about it.


So, how do we stop the insanity?

Delete it.

And don’t be Lot’s wife and look back.


*Side note: if Facebook is perfect for you and has caused you zero amounts of drama, congratulations!






2 thoughts on “Sarcastic Font

  1. I loved this… very true. Most of my FB friends are old friends – since we’ve moved a lot. I’ve deleted my account several times and have now found a balance. I think you hit a lot of issues right on the head though… Good one!

    1. I’ve done the same thing—many times!!!
      I heard a lady say one time that “truth without grace is cruel”.
      I have to remind myself of that often when writing—I reread this post and thought: “yep, cruel”.
      I will have to grace it up a bit:)

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