The Angry Fork

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman. She worked for an airline, transporting VIP’s to their private jets. She was also a part-time model, with a very promising career. BUT, she had a slight problem. She was in love.

He wasn’t just any man. He was a rally car racing driver that owned his own business. He traveled all over the United States, driving fast cars. He was exciting. He was in love.

They married and moved far away from the airport and the modeling world.

Not long after that, he was drafted.

He went to Vietnam.

She waited.

He came home a few years later, a little different.

A little skinnier.

A little more tan.

A little more angry.

He had no company and he was to old to drive.

She waitressed and he remained in the military until he was found unconscious.

Diabetic coma.

Undiagnosed for how long?

No one knew.

She waited.

He woke up.

Medically discharged.

1978: They had a baby.

And 9 short months after he was born, she found out they were having another baby.

Two babies!

1979: They decided to transplant back to her hometown to be near her family. Plus her dad promised him a job.

They go.

Two years later:

He leaves.

She waits.

He never comes back.

They divorce and she has the two babies.

Both boys.

She works.

And she works.

1988: She meets a man. He’s a keeper, but no marriage until the boys leave.

Her family raises her kids, so she can work, just to put a roof over their head.

Tired of this, she goes back to school and still works.

One morning on her way to school, she hits a deer, flipping her truck.

Neck. Broken.

But no paralysis.

Hospital bills.

The youngest baby: amateur motorcycle racer.

More hospital bills.

Oldest baby: works two jobs and attends high school to help her through school and the broken neck.

But, he’ll be leaving soon.

Uncle Sam is calling.

1996: She graduates.

She becomes an assistant manager for a major retail chain.

Still no marriage, but both boys are now gone.

2000: Great news! Both boys are getting married and secretly, so is she. But, she will not take the spotlight away from the boys, she will announce it at the wedding of the second child.

June 2000: One month before oldest gets married and three months before the youngest gets married. Twelve years into dating the same man: he dies.

She’s lost.

And now both boys are married and the oldest is starting a family.

She works.

And works.

And then one day, she quits.

She loses her house,

her car,

her belongings,

her dignity.

Her boys, they tried to help, but she didn’t want it.

She’s angry.

Why did life turn out this way?

She’s at her parents house.

Smoking her cigarette.

No words escape her, that do not cut like a knife.

Everything she does, is hateful.

She’s bitter.

Bitterness took root when he left for Vietnam and she realized what she had given up to wait.

And it’s grown.

The seed is now a tree, with roots so deep, only God could dig it up.

She knows that.

But she has nothing else, so she will dig her nails deep into that bitterness and not let go.

She visits her oldest son.

The son she has spit in the face of.

For what reason, she can’t remember, except that she’s angry.

Life didn’t turn out the way she had planned it.

He left her to raise kids alone and the other one died.

Waiting made her bitter.

Her son, he still speaks to her with kindness.

And she wants to slap his face.

Her body quivers with anger.

And the damn dishes she is doing, will not fit into the dishwasher the right way.

Why won’t this fork go in?


She’ll make it work.

By God.


“The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy…” John 10:10

This is a sad, but true tale. These are not even close to half of the events that have transpired within this persons life. Bitterness is real and it hurts not only you, but the ones around you. This person took a little bit of their anger and bitterness out on a fork. A thick solid SILVER fork. Attempts to bend that prong back to it’s original state has failed and that’s okay.

The angry fork reminds us to be diligent in forgiveness and fervent in prayer.

It reminds us to put our trust in God.

It reminds us to “not let the sun go down on our wrath”.

It reminds us of her, which reminds us to pray for her.



2 thoughts on “The Angry Fork

  1. Wow, that was painful to read because of the truth it conveyed of unforgiveness that gives way to a root of bitterness and the way roots of bitterness will wage war on our soul. consequences are painful. But Jesus is a wonderful healer! And we can all relate at some level. We need the grace and mercy of Jesus! Powerful post. Blessings

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