The Brown Towel

My husband and I married so quickly, we didn’t have time to think twice about it!

We knew not far into dating that we would marry, so it wasn’t like we did it on a whim, but that’s what it looked like to everyone else.

We didn’t care, because when you’re insanely in love, you can’t hear anyone else talking anyway:)

The first few weeks we were married, we stayed with one of my husband’s single friends that he had been renting a room from. My stuff was stored in the back of my husband’s truck and he drove around with it everywhere.

We slept on a pull out sofa.

And my young husband immediately set the tone of our marriage on our first night in that little room on the sofa bed. He wrapped his arms around me and said “I want to pray for us”. I’m gonna be honest and say that I do not remember anything he said, but I remember the act. I remember the peace that came after:)

About three weeks into our marriage, we moved into a one bedroom apartment.

It was tiny.

We had my bedroom suit and our clothes and a television set that my husband had bought right after basic training graduation.

And we had one towel…

a brown, army issued, towel.


One towel.

And we shared it all throughout the week and on Sunday, we would go to the laundry mat and wash it.

We were ridiculously poor.

We lived off credit cards, which in and of itself was a battle.

I wanted to max them out buying everything we “needed”, while my husband wanted to pace ourselves and just make sure we had food to eat and a roof over our head.

We drank out of Taco Bell cups that we had recycled from a trip eating out.

We used plastic silverware, paper plates, and ate a lot of sandwiches because we had no dishes.

There was a picnic area outside of our apartment with a little grill.

My husband cooked us steaks on it all the time.

Steaks, bought with a credit card:)

We eventually accumulated everything we needed.

My momma hosted a wedding shower for us a few months after we were married.

She called to ask what we needed and my main request was TOWELS!!! 🙂

And towels we got! In every color!

When my husband would cuddle me at night, when we still lived in that tiny apartment, when I was crying about the stuff we didn’t have because we couldn’t afford anything, he would say “I’m glad this is how we are. I’m glad we only have each other to depend on. I’m glad that we share everything. I’m glad that one day we will be able to look back at this time and be able to see how far we’ve come”. Wise words from such a young man.

I love that man.

So, now, 13 years later, when I’m folding towels and I come across the brown towel (because it is still in circulation, I think the army has a secret, special woven fiber made to last forever)…I smile.

It reminds me of our beginning. Our humble beginning.

It reminds me to be thankful for everything we have.

It represents us in so many ways…

I’m forever thankful for how we began our married life.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That towel reminds me to just be happy together.

It reminds me that THINGS acquired do not equal happiness.

It reminds me of young love.

It reminds me of where we came from.

I love that brown towel and sometimes, when life overwhelms me, I miss the times when we only had that single brown towel to share.

God is good.

Jehovah Jireh, my provider:)


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