You know, my Mamaw, the preacher

Yep, that’s right.

My grandmother was a bonafide, ordained preacher of the Holiness Pentecostal faith.

She was also a die hard Democrat:) I’m pretty sure being a Pentacostal Preaching Democrat is an oxymoron—I’m just sayin’:)

She was very musically inclined, teaching herself to play the piano and guitar by ear.

She loved to sing.

Made the best damn coffee I’ve ever had.

Crazy ’bout Elvis:)

And she LOVED to laugh.

My Mamaw, the preacher.

She was a fire, hell, and brimstone preacher that could move you to salvation, no matter how many times you’d been saved before.

Many of my favorite childhood memories include her.

We use to sing together, all the time.

Our favorite song: “Had it Not Been”…

And while I do not personally believe many of the ways she did, I can’t help but think:

Had it not been for her, my entire family might have never heard the Gospel and might have never came into their own relationship with Christ.

My Mamaw, the preacher. For her, I am very thankful:)


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