Prayer is just a conversation between you and God. 

Talk to him, He misses you. 

He wants to know what’s bothering you, what you are going through. 

Let Him hear about it. He knows your true feelings anyway. 

He will listen. 

You do not need a profound vocabulary to come to Him. 

He speaks all languages and understands all dialect. 

Just start talking. 

Talk to Him. 

Talking builds the relationship that you so desperately need, that He so desperately wants. 



2 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Thank you. Great suggestion: Refusing to talk rarely helps a relationship, although if the silent one at least listens there may be hope. At the same time, one may grow in confidence and faith if he or she reflect on the prayers in Scripture, which tell us a lot about the nature of God and how people have talked with him in situations which often are much like ours. Thank you for encouraging people to pray. Thank you for your service as well.

    1. Michael, thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment:) I have gone through times in my life where several things seemed to come against my prayer life: feeling like I could handle things, refusing to make time, and finally, not feeling good enough for God. All of which hindered me from my relationship. I just want to encourage people to start with just a word to Him:) And I LOVE the scriptures that show us prayers/praise and teach us how to do so. Thanks again!!!

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