Confessions of a Christian

1. I cuss. 

Damn right I do. And guess what? Jesus still loves me and I’m not going to hell for that word.  

2. I drink….alcohol AND I attend a Baptist church. 

Oxymoron, anyone? 

And people that harp on and on about drinking grind my last nerve! Why? Gluttony is just as bad and is the NUMBER ONE reason for so many diseases and cancers, yet it is rarely ever preached about or addressed. 

Moderation, people! 

3. I sin, everyday. 

Why? Well, first of all, I’m not Jesus. Secondly, it’s my human nature. BUT, I’ve come to discover that the closer you draw to him, the less your sinning will be. Notice I did not say that your sin would desist. It will lessen. God’s grace is awesome. And I’m so thankful that he “saved a wretch like me”. 

4. I listen to “worldly” music. 

Because Christian music is about as depressing as Country. 

Obviously, there are exceptions, but those exceptions aren’t played on any Christian radio station in our range. 

5. I believe that transparency in the life of a Christian is beautiful. 

I am who I am. I do not put on heirs for anyone. He knows me, inside and out. He knows me better than anyone in this world. He made me the way He wanted me to be and His plans far exceed mine. 

We’ve confused the world as to what “we” (Christians) are. We’ve placed unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others in our faith. THEN we spread those expectations out into the world, who then holds us to a standard we will never meet. Then we’re labeled “hypocrites”. 


Jesus loves you, just as you are. 

He died for you, knowing you would sin. 

He doesn’t see your sin. 

You’re spotless in his eyes. 

Stop with the guilt mentality. 

Repent, replace, and move on. 

He’s cast your sin into the Sea of Forgetfulness. 

Be real. 

Show HIS love. 

That’s a real Christian: someone that is genuine, transparent, and loves like He does. 


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