“Who else has held the oceans in his hand?” -Isaiah 40:12

I love the ocean, the beach, the smell, the sound. 

I long to go there. 

We try to go at least once a year to a beach. 

But there’s one in particular place we’ve gone.

Three times. 

In all honesty, some people may think I’m crazy for loving it so much and I can’t really explain why this one was any different from any other beach we have went to. 

The first time we went, I remember seeing it…

that first glimpse. 

There it was, in between the buildings, my eyes filled up with tears! 

Blue water! 


And white sand! 

I rolled the window down to smell the salt air, to feel the moist wind. 

I was in love and I just had a glimpse! 

The second time, I didn’t really expect the same reaction, but there we were, rolling down a hill and THERE!!! I saw it! In between the buildings! Blue water! Waves! And White Sand! 

Tears streamed down my cheeks. 

The last time, before we got to the bottom of the hill, before I could see in between the buildings, I heard a faint whisper: “For you, my dear”. 


All this for me? 

Did you really have ME in mind when you made this? 


More than tears came that day. Love filled my heart for Him afresh and anew. 



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