On Sunday, we write…

I think there’s one in every family….some just know how to deal with theirs better than others and of course only family can talk about the one: outsiders need not apply.

The one, is the one that wears their ego on their sleeve. One small misspoken word will crumble their fragile delusion of self enlightenment: chaos will ensue.

The one, sometimes the life of the party, sometimes not, but ALWAYS the center of attention…this behavior depends on which bipolar plane they are riding that day. And heaven help the one that steals the spotlight from the one…

The one, lives in the past.

The one, calls themselves out. Common names they call themselves may include (but are not limited to), blacksheep, prodigal (yeah), outcast, cast away (woe is me), vagabond, gypsy, stray…you get the point. They are never accepted (according to them) and they are always looking for opportunities to discuss why they are so “different” than the rest of the family.

The one, causes all the drama, but never and I mean NEVER takes credit for it. The blame is forever someone else’s…and they’ll drag your name through the mud to prove it.

The one is sarcastic all the flippin’ time. And FYI, there’s a time and a place for sarcasm and that time and place does not include “anywhere” and “all the time”.

The one usually leaves mad or doesn’t come at all.

The one reads into everything said and thinks they’re forensic experts on facial expressions.

The one is the loudest.

The one is the most sensitive, but thinks everyone else is too sensitive.

The one, hurdles insults like it’s an Olympic sport.

The one, always has something to prove.

The one, gets on my last nerve.

I’ve had my fill of the one this week.
I’m tapped out on compliments and ego strokes.
I’ve turned my cheeks till they are both bruised.
My patience has reached its end.

So, we show love and then we leave.

Yet I find myself wondering how the good Lord would have handled this…
His cheeks would be bruised too…
And his kindness and love would not waiver.

So, when you encounter the one in your family, grit your teeth, show them love, even when they don’t want you to, and know that you do not have to fall prey to their attention getting schemes.
And hopefully, one day, the one will relinquish their reigns and just enjoy being with family…


7 thoughts on “On Sunday, we write…

  1. Had issues with a family member this week too. Had a big blow up a couple days before Christmas 😦 I followed my sister’s advice. “Focus on your husband, Focus on your own little family. You made a commitment to them, no one else. You owe them, no one else.”

    1. Great advice!!! I ended up doing the same thing:/ sad, really because I was so excited to be with family this holiday season because I really miss that…well, not so much now! Hahaha!!!

    1. TRUE!!! While writing that, I had a vague thought: “have I ever been THE ONE?”…Lord, please help me not to be!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!

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