Realistic Resolutions

1. Clean out the fridge (because condiments DO NOT last forever)

2. Change the verse of the week…every week…



yeah, that’s been there a month…but it’s a good one!!! Maybe I should just change the word “week” to “month”:)

3. Run a 10k

4. Eat less

5. Sleep more

6. Stress less

7. Sing more

8. Dance:)

9. Pray more

10. Play more

11. Stop doing this…



I never change the toilet paper roll. If it happens, it’s because my husband has done it, so when he’s gone, it never happens! 

And, yes, I know, I need to update this bright brass bathroom…but I am not going to resolve to do it!!! 

12. Learn the proper usage of who/whom, effect/affect. 

13. Apply for PhD (or maybe I should wait until #12 is done)…

14. Learn how to work ebay. I hear everyone talking about selling and buying on ebay, but I have never made time to use it and when I look, I’m lost, so I don’t even bother.

15. Organize hoarded makeup stash.

16. Fold laundry and put it away on the same day.

17. Cuss words, out! Clever words, in! 

18. Finish a project!!!



This unhemmed curtain has been hanging (by clothespins–no less!!!) on my kitchen blinds since October. I just threw it up there to see how it would look and I’ve never made time to take it back down, hem it, and actually hang it on the rod. This year though, for sure!

19. Call momma more

20. Remember birthdays

21. Unadulterated time with my kids

22. Make dinner for a friend

23. Write

24. Inspire

25. Love 



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