Jesus and the Septic Tank

There is a source of stress that comes with owning my home that causes me a butt load of stress and worry, time and energy, and money. 

It is my septic tank. 

I hate it. 

With every fiber of my being. 

For. Real. 

It steals my joy. 

I worry about it everyday. 

Will it fill up today? 

Will it back up? 

Am I going to be $300 less today? 

When overnight guests are here, I worry that their shower is too long or that their flushing habits are a little too much (gross, I know). 

I am a water saver. 

Every appliance, toilet, and faucet are also water savers. 

I do not have a “laundry day”, I have a “one load per day” policy. 

Showers aren’t enjoyed, they are spent listening for the toilet to bubble. 

I’m over it. 

I’ve been over it. 

I deal with it by myself…always. 

I have spent MUCHO BUCKS to have it fixed…to no avail. 

It’s not the tank, it’s the land. 

But that’s not the point of this post… 

I recently wrote a post about “the one”–not a very uplifting post either…

Well, “the one” called me last Thursday night and told me they would be passing through town this weekend, so they wanted to stop by. Of course I’m not going to say “no”, because #1 I love him and #2 he’s a pretty great guy when no one else is around. 

But, I was still filled with dread. 

Completely filled. 

I prayed “Lord, help us to be a light. Let there be peace”. 

Still dread. 

“Lord, help me to have a better attitude”. 

Still dread. 

Negative words were spoken and thought. 

And Friday, he came. We made it through the night without incident. 

Zero eggshells were broken during that time:) 

And then Saturday, shit hit the fan…


It poured rain all night Friday and half the day Saturday. 

The septic, well it couldn’t handle the pressure as it’s been freaking raining here for two years straight (feels that way, anyway). 

So, here I am plagued with what to do when “the one” gets up and says “what’s going on?”. 

I tearfully explain. 

He gets up, puts his boots on, and goes to work. 

Did I mention that “the one” is a general contractor? 

He’s digging, calling out orders, has people on the phone, and works from sun up till sun down. 

And now it’s fixed and he saved me a ton of money that I didn’t have to begin with. 

And here I type, humbled by the blessing he turned out to be when I was so dread filled. 

Coincidence that my brother in law was here at the time my septic decided to lose it? 

I think not, people. 

I think not. 

God is good. 



2 thoughts on “Jesus and the Septic Tank

  1. My sister dealt with septic tank issues for years. Her house always smelled like poop. She had so many people come out and look at it and they never figured out the problem. She ended up moving……lol!

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