25 Reasons I miss my husband…

Other than the obvious physical reasons:) 

1. I LOATHE pumping gas and when he’s here, I don’t have to. 

2. Homework. My daughter is VERY passionate about NOT doing homework. He has much more patience than I do:) 

3. The church pew beside me is empty…

4. Driving isn’t really my thing, either. 

5. Instant access isn’t available and that sucks—especially if someone gets sick, tire blows out, “hey, I’m thinking of you…”, etc. 

6. Sleep evades me, most nights.

7. Being the third wheel is not fun:/

8. The car doesn’t clean itself…

9. The toilet paper is NEVER on the holder.

10. 5:00 a.m. coffee time

11. Coffee isn’t already made when I get up. Yes, clearly I’m spoiled when he’s here. I’m okay with that. 

12. Decisions are made with discussion later. 

13. House. Maintenance. Ugh. 

14. Half the duet is gone. 

15. Holding his callused hand. And P.S. ALL men should have calluses unless they preach full time and/or are old:) 

16. Hearing him say my name. 

17. Who am I supposed to stick my cold feet on? 

18. His morning attitude–he’s EXCITED to be up in the morning. Me? Not so much. 

19. Hearing him shave in the morning

20. Hearing every bone in his body crack as he walks through the house. 

21. His shoulder, my pillow. 

22. Hearing the roar of the motor cycle when he pulls into the neighborhood. 

23. Smile from across the room. 

24. Hand on my back. 

25. He’s freakin hot and I miss seeing him everyday:)


7 thoughts on “25 Reasons I miss my husband…

  1. I can totally relate. I remember having to put in a toilet, sink, tile the bathroom floor, etc. And it seemed like every-time the boys got hurt he was never home to help me out. It was so much fun with 3 little ones in the emergency room trying to keep them entertained. And mowing the grass, and all the yard work? Yep, been there done that. Hang in there. My motto was and is…. this too shall pass. I know sometimes not fast enough, but God has a perfect plan. Not always our plan, but His. 😉

    1. It seems to me that if a catastrophe is going to happen, it’ll occur during his absence:)
      It serves it’s purpose though—it gives us great stories to tell later and makes us stronger:)
      Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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