Alligator Mouth

I’ve let my alligator mouth overload my tadpole rearend about a hundred times in the last few weeks concerning our place of worship.
Okay, a hundred times is a bit of an exaggeration…more like twice, but still.
And my heart aches and I cringe every time I think of what I’ve said and how I’ve mishandled the issue.
I’ve torn it down even further, with my alligator mouth.
And, so here I am, begging for forgiveness, embarrassed, angry, and humbled all at the same time.
And then God gives it to me:
“Then Elijah called to the people, “Come over here!” They all crowded around him as he repaired the alter of The Lord that had been torn down”.
1 Kings 18:30
I read that verse and one word grabbed my attention: repaired.
Elijah was repairing the alter for sacrifice after the people that were intended to use it had torn it down, because they didn’t need it anymore…they were serving idols.
Repaired equals restoration.
Elijah restored it.
He placed twelve stones representing the tribes of Israel there at the alter in the name of The Lord.
And then…
Fire fell.
So, I’m reading this and I must ask myself a hard question:
What idol am I serving that is tearing down my place of worship?
I can very easily answer that…
I’m self serving.
And as a counselor I cannot begin to tell you how that makes my insides feel…but the truth is the truth.
And as a follower of Christ, I know nothing in this life is about me.
One good thing about the truth…it’ll set you free.
And that’s why He came, so we would be set free…

Lord, thank you for knowing my heart and for your forgiveness and for your revelations.
Thank you for restoring your church unto yourself.
Lord, let me not tear it down any further with my words or deeds.
Lord, help us repair it.
And Lord, let your holy fire fall down.


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