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25 Reasons I miss my husband…

Other than the obvious physical reasons:) 

1. I LOATHE pumping gas and when he’s here, I don’t have to. 

2. Homework. My daughter is VERY passionate about NOT doing homework. He has much more patience than I do:) 

3. The church pew beside me is empty…

4. Driving isn’t really my thing, either. 

5. Instant access isn’t available and that sucks—especially if someone gets sick, tire blows out, “hey, I’m thinking of you…”, etc. 

6. Sleep evades me, most nights.

7. Being the third wheel is not fun:/

8. The car doesn’t clean itself…

9. The toilet paper is NEVER on the holder.

10. 5:00 a.m. coffee time

11. Coffee isn’t already made when I get up. Yes, clearly I’m spoiled when he’s here. I’m okay with that. 

12. Decisions are made with discussion later. 

13. House. Maintenance. Ugh. 

14. Half the duet is gone. 

15. Holding his callused hand. And P.S. ALL men should have calluses unless they preach full time and/or are old:) 

16. Hearing him say my name. 

17. Who am I supposed to stick my cold feet on? 

18. His morning attitude–he’s EXCITED to be up in the morning. Me? Not so much. 

19. Hearing him shave in the morning

20. Hearing every bone in his body crack as he walks through the house. 

21. His shoulder, my pillow. 

22. Hearing the roar of the motor cycle when he pulls into the neighborhood. 

23. Smile from across the room. 

24. Hand on my back. 

25. He’s freakin hot and I miss seeing him everyday:)


Jesus and the Septic Tank

There is a source of stress that comes with owning my home that causes me a butt load of stress and worry, time and energy, and money. 

It is my septic tank. 

I hate it. 

With every fiber of my being. 

For. Real. 

It steals my joy. 

I worry about it everyday. 

Will it fill up today? 

Will it back up? 

Am I going to be $300 less today? 

When overnight guests are here, I worry that their shower is too long or that their flushing habits are a little too much (gross, I know). 

I am a water saver. 

Every appliance, toilet, and faucet are also water savers. 

I do not have a “laundry day”, I have a “one load per day” policy. 

Showers aren’t enjoyed, they are spent listening for the toilet to bubble. 

I’m over it. 

I’ve been over it. 

I deal with it by myself…always. 

I have spent MUCHO BUCKS to have it fixed…to no avail. 

It’s not the tank, it’s the land. 

But that’s not the point of this post… 

I recently wrote a post about “the one”–not a very uplifting post either…

Well, “the one” called me last Thursday night and told me they would be passing through town this weekend, so they wanted to stop by. Of course I’m not going to say “no”, because #1 I love him and #2 he’s a pretty great guy when no one else is around. 

But, I was still filled with dread. 

Completely filled. 

I prayed “Lord, help us to be a light. Let there be peace”. 

Still dread. 

“Lord, help me to have a better attitude”. 

Still dread. 

Negative words were spoken and thought. 

And Friday, he came. We made it through the night without incident. 

Zero eggshells were broken during that time:) 

And then Saturday, shit hit the fan…


It poured rain all night Friday and half the day Saturday. 

The septic, well it couldn’t handle the pressure as it’s been freaking raining here for two years straight (feels that way, anyway). 

So, here I am plagued with what to do when “the one” gets up and says “what’s going on?”. 

I tearfully explain. 

He gets up, puts his boots on, and goes to work. 

Did I mention that “the one” is a general contractor? 

He’s digging, calling out orders, has people on the phone, and works from sun up till sun down. 

And now it’s fixed and he saved me a ton of money that I didn’t have to begin with. 

And here I type, humbled by the blessing he turned out to be when I was so dread filled. 

Coincidence that my brother in law was here at the time my septic decided to lose it? 

I think not, people. 

I think not. 

God is good. 


Tonight’s the night!

There are several things people in the south take seriously:




There are other’s, like hunting/fishing/eating, but those are the main three at our house. 

I remember the encouragement I received from my husband when he caught me looking at Auburn University’s website. I never thought I would get in–and no one likes to be rejected—so applying never crossed my mind. I was just looking to see what master’s degree programs they offered. I grew up in a family divided: half Auburn fans, half that other school in the state:). It was always a dream of mine to go and as I sat there staring and longing, my husband looked at me and said “what’s the worse thing that could happen?”. Me: “Um, HELLO!?! They could tell me no!!!”. He just laughed and said “you’d survive. Now apply”. 

And that’s what I did, but I didn’t allow myself to get my hopes up. 

My GPA wasn’t awesome at my previous school and again–I didn’t think I was good enough to go. 

Fear and doubt should never get in the way of a dream. 

So, I waited. 

I received my letter the day classes began in August, 2009. 

I knew it was a rejection, otherwise why would they have waited until school was in session? 

My husband came home and I showed him the envelope. 

We opened it together. 

And much to my surprise it said: “Congratulations! You have been selected to attend Auburn University…”

I didn’t get much further than that—I was jumping up and down—pure joy! 

I never dreamed I would get to attend such a prestigious university, yet I did. 

I graduated August, 2011. 

I love Auburn for many reasons, but I love it mainly because it helped me to fulfill a lifelong dream. 

My dream became a reality there. 

And tonight, I will watch my Alma Mater with pride. 

Win or lose…

I believe in Auburn and I love it! 

War Eagle!!! 






Realistic Resolutions

1. Clean out the fridge (because condiments DO NOT last forever)

2. Change the verse of the week…every week…



yeah, that’s been there a month…but it’s a good one!!! Maybe I should just change the word “week” to “month”:)

3. Run a 10k

4. Eat less

5. Sleep more

6. Stress less

7. Sing more

8. Dance:)

9. Pray more

10. Play more

11. Stop doing this…



I never change the toilet paper roll. If it happens, it’s because my husband has done it, so when he’s gone, it never happens! 

And, yes, I know, I need to update this bright brass bathroom…but I am not going to resolve to do it!!! 

12. Learn the proper usage of who/whom, effect/affect. 

13. Apply for PhD (or maybe I should wait until #12 is done)…

14. Learn how to work ebay. I hear everyone talking about selling and buying on ebay, but I have never made time to use it and when I look, I’m lost, so I don’t even bother.

15. Organize hoarded makeup stash.

16. Fold laundry and put it away on the same day.

17. Cuss words, out! Clever words, in! 

18. Finish a project!!!



This unhemmed curtain has been hanging (by clothespins–no less!!!) on my kitchen blinds since October. I just threw it up there to see how it would look and I’ve never made time to take it back down, hem it, and actually hang it on the rod. This year though, for sure!

19. Call momma more

20. Remember birthdays

21. Unadulterated time with my kids

22. Make dinner for a friend

23. Write

24. Inspire

25. Love 


On Sunday, we write…

I think there’s one in every family….some just know how to deal with theirs better than others and of course only family can talk about the one: outsiders need not apply.

The one, is the one that wears their ego on their sleeve. One small misspoken word will crumble their fragile delusion of self enlightenment: chaos will ensue.

The one, sometimes the life of the party, sometimes not, but ALWAYS the center of attention…this behavior depends on which bipolar plane they are riding that day. And heaven help the one that steals the spotlight from the one…

The one, lives in the past.

The one, calls themselves out. Common names they call themselves may include (but are not limited to), blacksheep, prodigal (yeah), outcast, cast away (woe is me), vagabond, gypsy, stray…you get the point. They are never accepted (according to them) and they are always looking for opportunities to discuss why they are so “different” than the rest of the family.

The one, causes all the drama, but never and I mean NEVER takes credit for it. The blame is forever someone else’s…and they’ll drag your name through the mud to prove it.

The one is sarcastic all the flippin’ time. And FYI, there’s a time and a place for sarcasm and that time and place does not include “anywhere” and “all the time”.

The one usually leaves mad or doesn’t come at all.

The one reads into everything said and thinks they’re forensic experts on facial expressions.

The one is the loudest.

The one is the most sensitive, but thinks everyone else is too sensitive.

The one, hurdles insults like it’s an Olympic sport.

The one, always has something to prove.

The one, gets on my last nerve.

I’ve had my fill of the one this week.
I’m tapped out on compliments and ego strokes.
I’ve turned my cheeks till they are both bruised.
My patience has reached its end.

So, we show love and then we leave.

Yet I find myself wondering how the good Lord would have handled this…
His cheeks would be bruised too…
And his kindness and love would not waiver.

So, when you encounter the one in your family, grit your teeth, show them love, even when they don’t want you to, and know that you do not have to fall prey to their attention getting schemes.
And hopefully, one day, the one will relinquish their reigns and just enjoy being with family…

Things to NEVER say to a military wife!

While I’m sure this subject has been broached many times, I have currently been taking notes of some recent questions/thoughts/ignorance that I’ve been approached with. 

1. “Has he killed anyone?” Seriously? Yes, I’ve been asked this and I just walked away. Why? For a variety of reasons, but 1) it’s none of your business if he has or hasn’t and 2) I don’t even know because I don’t ask him myself. Furthermore, if you have nothing better to ask after finding out that my husband is in the military: please do not talk to me. Thanks.

2. Please do not share your opinion about the war, whether for it or against it. We don’t care about your opinion. It changes nothing for us–even if we agreed with your antiwar rants, political agendas, and redneck “nuke ’em all theology”, it still changes NOTHING for us. And seeing as to how we have a little more invested in the whole “war thing”, the best way to approach the subject with us is not at all. We support our husbands/spouses, they support the war, therefore we do too whether we like it or not. 

3. Oh my God, girl! Did you see last nights episode of Army Wives? Bitch, please. I have never seen one episode, but I do have military wife friends that watch it for entertainment purposes, not factual purposes (and they love it). I’m not trying to take anything away from the show, but please don’t watch this and make false assumptions about my life. Please be smarter than that. 

Which leads me to…

4. “I heard enlisted wives are trashy”. Do not make false assumptions of military spouses concerning their educational background or their social status. THIS IS MY PET PEEVE!!! Not all enlisted wives are uneducated and not all officer wives are educated. We are a huge melting pot of different backgrounds with one commonality: we are ALL military spouses!!! There are billions of people in the world: If you choose to believe what you hear before getting to know us on an individual basis, please find someone else to talk to. Oh, and you might want to check your sources:)

Moving on.

I just LOVE when other (civilian) wives say these next things to me: 

5. “What am I going to do? My husband is going out of town for three days on business. I can’t be without him.”  Bless your heart! You should probably go back home to momma if your husband is gonna be gone for that long. Clearly, you have no idea about how to be an adult. Try a business trip that lasts a year on for size, would ya? We won’t even add in the danger element to you because you might incur a mental breakdown.

In all seriousness though, when women say this to me, I just reply “you can do it”, because it is a big deal to them and I should be more understanding, but then again, they should know their audience…

6. “I wish my husband travelled more”. You need marriage counseling, ASAP. 

7. “Well at least you get free insurance”. Nope, nope, and nope. We pay for dental. We pay for life insurance. Healthcare? Well, I could write an entire book about the healthcare provided to us (ZERO continuity of care, my primary care doctor changes between every visit and I don’t see them anyway–but that’s ALL I will say about that). Nothing is ever free. Write that down. Let it be your life’s motto. 

This next one was told to my husband and I by his dumb ass aunt. 

8. “You don’t live in the real world”. In reply, we both BURST OUT LAUGHING!!! She apparently lives in the real world though, because she has to go look for jobs and has to pay bills and raise a child. I’m pretty sure she meant to say the “civilian world”, but I’m not so sure. You see, here in the military life, jobs still have to be found, bills still have to be paid, and raising children happens if you have them, but BONUS: we get to travel all over this great BIG WORLD!!! We don’t get to stay in the comfort zone of where we grew up, where momma and daddy are just around the corner to watch the kids for free, where everybody knows your name…we get to actually go out into the REAL WORLD and experience it. Yep, never say this. 

9. “Well, they signed up for it”…This is usually said following a “he’s gone again?” or “you’re moving?” or “he got hurt” or something else that should bare NO RESPONSE from someone that doesn’t know anything about the military. But, let me just say: Thanks for the reminder that my husband volunteered to serve our country and even die for it if need be. He signed up for it! You didn’t. 

10. “You knew what you were getting into before you married him”. Well….we married before the war, so I really wasn’t ready for that and some people came in the military after the war kicked off and they were already married. Either way, I don’t think you’re ever really prepared to send your significant other off to war no matter the circumstance. Here’s what I knew I was getting into when I married my husband: A LIFELONG FREAKIN COMMITMENT–THAT’S WHAT! Till death do we part. The military life is just a ripple in the ocean for our marriage. Is it a challenge? Every damn day. Am I up for it? Most of the time, but I’m not about some weak ass excuse of not knowing what I was getting into. Vows are serious, you should take them that way. So if by “you knew what you were getting into” you mean “forever no matter what”, then yes, I knew what I was getting into, but again: thanks for the reminder! 

11. “Well, I don’t get a paycheck handed to me twice a month”. Actually, the military allows you to opt for a once a month paycheck direct deposited to your account at the first of the month, so you can choose how you want it “handed” to you. I promise you my husband earns it (and some) however it comes. If you would also like to be handed a paycheck twice a month, please visit your local recruiting office, but promise me that you will call me after basic training and tell me again that it’s handed to you, not earned! I look forward to hearing from you:)

And finally, my favorite: 

12. “I don’t know how you do it”. By the grace of God. I do it because I love my husband. I do it because he is my best friend. I do it because I support him and everything he represents. I do it because I made a vow to him. I do it because I want to. 



Yeah, it happens to all of us in many different forms, but this is a post for you married people out there.

This is a sly trick of the enemy.

It could start with a wayward glance, an accidental touch in passing….

add those to the big fight you had last night with your spouse and you might find yourself thinking thoughts you shouldn’t think…

dreaming about a life, that isn’t yours.

This can happen to anyone, but the most frequent visitors: those that aren’t “happy” in their marriage OR (TAKE NOTE) “HAPPY” with themselves.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “But, I DESERVE to be happy!”

Yeah, find that in the Bible for me…

You don’t really want what you “DESERVE”…I promise you.

Maybe you’re bored in your relationship…

because you have placed unrealistic expectations on your spouse…

because he isn’t sweeping you off your feet on a daily basis anymore…

because she isn’t hanging on to every word you speak anymore…

and there you find yourself…

in temptation.

Controlling your thoughts are hard, but that’s what we must do to combat this!

So, here’s what I want you to do:

When you find yourself wondering in your mind, think back to the moment you knew you fell in love.

Think back to something sweet your spouse has done for you.

Get your mind off of what they haven’t done and get it on what they have done.

Picture them pulling up in your driveway, picking you up for a date.

Remember those butterflies?

Picture your first kiss.

There were butterflies there too.

Start reminiscing about your spouse.

Speak positively about your spouse.

Do NOT talk bad about your spouse…to ANYONE!

NOT EVEN YOUR MOMMA! (yeah, I just said that)

And please, please, pray for your spouse.

Even if it’s a simple prayer…pray for them.

Catch that thought at the beginning and let that temptation go…

like water off a duck’s back.

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable and right, and pure,  and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise”.  Philippians 4:8

Fix your thoughts.

Your marriage is worth it.