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Memorial Day

It’s fast approaching and unfortunately for us, we have added three more names to our list of remembrances and they’ve all three been since the beginning of the year. 

My friend who lost her husband only 3 short months ago has one major concern: That people will forget her. Obviously, that’s preposterous to me, but I understand. 

His name flashed at the bottom of the screen for a brief second and life moved on. 

But, she’s still in the interim of grief and a new normal. 

A normal, that really will never be normal again. 

And she’s right…that’s a sacrifice that should NEVER be forgotten. 

So, this Memorial Day:

Enjoy that barbecue and the extra day off, but DO NOT forget why you have it. 

Explain to your children why we have it.

Pray for the families that have lost their soldier.

Remember them, always.

Thank them. 

And if you are blessed enough to know one of these families, send them a note. 

Let them know that you haven’t forgotten them and that you never will. 

That old man, with his WWII hat on, with all the badges, sit down and talk to him. 

The Vietnam Vet, the one who came home to a country that maybe wasn’t so nice to him…talk to him too.

I bet he knows a few names on The Wall.

And the young guy missing a limb…talk to him.

Let’s make an effort to remember on this upcoming Memorial Day.

Let’s never forget together.  




Red letters

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?”
Jesus said that.

The answer is “no”.
Of course they can’t.
So, why do we worry so much about things that are out of our control???…fiscal cliff, war, crazy people, Syria, opinions, gun control, etc…

Let’s see, a constant bombardment of negativity could possibly be a cause…

Sabbath in the Hebrew means to rest…God ordered rest.
Because He knew you would be overwhelmed.
He knew you would be bombarded.
He knew you would lose focus.

Focus on Him.
Don’t worry.
He’s in control…even when you don’t think He is.

“Cast all your cares upon me and I will give you rest” 1 Peter 5:7

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalms 46:10

Be still.
Be quiet.